Welcome to AMI Attorneys

AMI Attorneys is a creative legal agency which has redesigned legal services to suit creative, start-up, and tech-based businesses by making them accessible, affordable and understandable. Traditionally, lawyers are called to fix problems. AMI Attorneys looks at law differently – utilizing modern technology and innovative thinking to tailor-make legal solutions that suit your business and prevent problems occurring in the first place. Our belief is that lawyers are best used prophylactically.

We are not a law firm. Do not call us when you get arrested. We are here for one thing – to take care of your business’ legal needs so you can focus on what you do best; your vision and your business. Our approach to legal services comes from a mix of practice in corporate law firms, years of experience in the  African creative sector and a background in running start-ups. In this way, we speak the language of creativity as well as the legalese of the law.



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Prices are a guideline only and are subject to changes depending on specific requirements.
Services are available individually.
Email us directly at ask@amigroups.com for other services.
New Business Starter Pack
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Company registration     $140
  • Shareholders Agreement   $360
  • Terms of Engagement       $280
Growing Business Package
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Employment Agreement     $260
  • Shareholders Agreement   $490
  • Loan Agreement       $360
Music Industry Package
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Band Member Agreement     $300
  • Collaboration Agreement   $260
  • Performance Booking       $230
Freelancer Package
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Client Terms of Engagement $280
  • Usage Agreement                     $300
  • .
Creative Agency Suite
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Client Terms of Engagemen $280
  • Content Licensing Agreement $300
  • Performance Booking Contract $230
  • Shareholders Agreement $490
Social Enterprise and NPO
  • Consultation                     Free
  • NPO Company Registration $280
  • S18A Application                  $630
  • Directors Agreement       $260
  • .
Trade Mark Registration
  • Consultation                     Free
  • Limited Search                     $130
  • Trade Mark Registration         $220
  • .
  • .
POPI Compliance Suite
  • Consultation                     Free
  • POPI-readiness Training $150
  • POPI-readiness Checklist      $165
  • POPI-compliant Privacy      $535
  • .

Retainer Packages

Pay annually and save 5%
Start Up

$130.00 worth
of legal spend
(hours of product)

$500.00 worth
of legal spend
(hours of product)

$1340.00 worth
of legal spend
(hours of product)

Built to individual
client requirements


At your request


At your request


At your request


At your request


At your request






Some Questions

What is AMI Attorneys?

Just to be clear, while AMI Attorneys is not run by lawyers, it is not a law firm.AMI Attorneys is a creative legal agency designed specifically to service the creative and small business sector. By not registering as a law firm, AMI Attorneys is able to steer clear of the regulations and requirements of traditional law firms as well as many of the expenses involved.

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Why do businesses need lawyers?

If you’re running a fly-by-night business or a project in your spare time, then you don’t want to waste your money on legal fees. However if you have a vision, if you are putting your money on the line and are taking your work seriously, then ensuring your legal affairs are in order is imperative.

The correct entity needs to be registered. You may need a license to operate. The rights and responsibilities of shareholders or partners need to be agreed upon and put into writing to avoid conflict. If you make music, take photographs or create content, you need to ensure your ownership is protected. Similarly, if your business is to promote and sell other people’s art or talent, you need to make sure you have the right to do so and are protected. You may offer a great service with genuine intentions, but what happens if things go wrong? Cape Town’s creative sector has taken a step up. The projects are international, the money is significant and the consequences are real. Formalizing your legal affairs is an investment in your business which separates the hipsters from the professionals. Much the same as investing in marketing can yield significant returns, so can investing in legal services.

Creatives and start-ups have no money, how can they afford legal fees?

Simply enough, we believe this to be a fallacy. Creatives are often freelancers. This means that their earnings can be irregular, but not that they earn poorly. Many creatives offer a professional service and can charge adequate fees in return.

Legal services need not cost more than any other business service. Spending money on legal services should be seen as an investment in your business. A service agreement designed specifically for you may be sent out hundreds of times each year – if you think in the long-term, legal fees start to become affordable. For the same price as a dinner and a music festival ticket, you can ensure your business is protected for years to come.

Why not use just any lawyers?

Traditionally, lawyers are expensive, intimidating and litigious. They charge per minute, have a financial interest in taking your matter to court and while they understand the law and look great in a three-piece suit, for the most part, they do not understand you or your industry

Lawyers do not have the reputation of being approachable. You, as a business owner in the creative or tech industry, probably aren’t too keen to approach the first attorney you happened to Google, for an unknown amount of money, to draw up contracts that you don’t even know you want or need. AMI is different from traditional law firms. We are not a law firm, we a creative legal agency. Our approach to law comes from years of experience in the African creative sector and a background in operating start-ups. You will not have to explain how a tech rider works or why it is important to keep overheads lean during the winter seasons. We speak the language of creativity.

What about online legal resources?

Do you drink real coffee or are you satisfied with instant? Do you use a professional designer who understands your concept or is ilovelogos.com good enough for your business?

As an example, a contract is a record of the agreement between two parties, protected by law. Your business model is different from your competitors which makes your legal requirements different too. Every single term of a contract is binding on you and thus your contracts need to reflect exactly what you are doing and not just more or less what you are doing. Legal services are not one size fits all and cannot be cookie cut. Online services do not understand your business, your realistic concerns and your industry.