eCommerce Development

eCommerce Development

Our expertise in delivering high end and feature rich ecommerce websites lies in the fact that we are highly process oriented and work very closely with our clients to understand each and every requirement well, irrespective of it being major or a minor one. Our ecommerce development team consists of analysts/consultants, certified Magento developers and testers who contribute their best to deliver the highest quality outputs. This dynamic team of ecommerce technology specialists have hands on experience of developing eCommerce business and elevating it to higher levels. We have proven expertise in emerging open source technologies such as Magento, Prestashop, Volusion, Shopify, Woocommerce, and Bigcommerce which guarantee an extremely delightful and a rich user experience.

A few of our key considerations while developing rich websites are:

  • Making the right choice of the platform
  • Building websites based on business specific requirements
  • Proper Planning and flawless Website designing
  • Content and Navigation planning
  • Development, integration configurations and extensive testing
  • Scale and size of products and customers
  • Leveraging SEO friendly URL structures
  • Integrating Site Analytics

High Conversion rates


We possess the art of converting a visitor to a buyer. For us conversion rates are important, especially if we consider Unique Conversions/Unique Visits, however not all visitors may be buyers they can be prospective customers or leads. Optimization is an ongoing process where we perform continuous analysis, testing and further improvements in the website to boost conversion rates. We aim to achieve high Conversion rates by:

  • Effectively communicating the brand message via case studies, testimonials, videos, blogs, etc. to promote conversion
  • Proper planning, designing, creating and managing email campaigns
  • Creating Product pages that are easy to understand and navigate
  • A/B Testing experiments to find the best ways for optimizing the site’s effectiveness and improving user experience
  • Web Personalization using user preferences, behaviour, browser and purchase history
  • Choosing the right colours for sites and action buttons, as they have an incredible impact on conversion
  • Offering multiple methods of Payment


Our rich and diverse experience in ecommerce makes us the right choice for delivering sites which lead to high sales. We believe in creating bespoke services to fit various business requirements in demand, by implementing cutting edge ecommerce technologies for the future generation. We offer strategic solutions to our clients with key focus on Brand creation, maximising ROI and reducing costs.

What makes Promatics stand out in this highly competitive ecommerce market is our:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Brand focus and consciousness
  • Delivery of outstanding value to satisfy customers
  • Global scale and extended reach
  • Better understanding of influencing factors in ecommerce market to provide better services for customers every time
  • Use of industry best practices with extensive testing and optimization techniques
  • Proven dedicated teams with both consumer & enterprise focus
  • Teams that focus on R&D, accelerators/PoCs to reduce time to market