Strategic Marketing

SMART THINKING requires Strategic Marketing Expertise!

All Business is Show Business!

Get the Strategic edge… Captivate with Us!

Is it reasonable to expect customers to stop raising demands? Do we lower our demands as clients?

Customers are saying: “Good is not enough!” If you want my business, amaze me, knock me out! Make an emotional impression I won’t forget and communicate with me in the mediums that suit me best!”

Strategic, practical, effective brilliance

Our expert team of Marketing and Communications specialists at Ami Design have successfully been developing and deploying Highly Effective Marketing Plans for influential brands and clients that has fruitfully delivered on strategic marketing objectives and positively impacted bottom line results!

Ranging from extremely complex above the line campaigns; through the line and below the line advertising initiatives; to more streamlined and targeting strategies for small and medium sized businesses; our clients are assured of:

  • Tailor-made,
  • Highly effective,
  • Measurable strategies,
  • Outstanding implementation;
  • and exceptional consultative support

In the new world of communication which has evolved dramatically into the digital and social media arena; we are abreast of all new developments and our involvement with the International Association of Business Communicators ensures we have access to best practices in the 360 degree Advertising spectrum.

To achieve maximum impact at every point of contact, your communications must be tailor-made and your strategy perfectly targeted and aligned with overall business objectives to deliver real Return on Investment.

We offer the following in-house:

  • A full Graphic Design Team
  • A specialist team of Website developers
  • A Strategic Marketing & Media Team
  • A team of world-class Copywriters
  • Hands-on client account and project management

Strategic Marketing Services include:

  • Comprehensive, Integrated Marketing Strategies
    • Target Audience, Industry and Competitor analysis
    • Brand image, personality and messaging style
    • Corporate and Marketing Objectives
    • Comprehensive Marketing Plan including implementation time-lines
    • All relevant and related mediums and channels
    • Budgets
    • Measurement tools
    • Internal alignment strategy for effective implementation
    • Consultative support throughout the implementation process
    • Marketing strategy implementation
  • Highly Effective Marketing Plans
    • From scratch or review for small to medium sized enterprises
    • Simple, effective, targeted and measurable plans
    • Consultative support for implementation
    • Departmental Training

Ami Design is a 360 degree Marketing Agency; and we also offer:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internal Communication Campaigns for Corporate Culture rejuvenation/transformation
  • Copy Writing and Content Creation
  • PR and Media Booking
  • On-line reputation management
  • Social Media Training
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Workshops and Tailor-made training
  • Marketing and Internal Communication Department structuring