Multimedia Information

Multimedia to ensure the sizzle and create the “Wow” Factor

Multimedia is the high five, the hole in one, the ace, you got it -will you marry me experience, projected through various design techniques. PowerPoint has long lost its touch or its impact!

AMI Design combines text, audio, graphics, video, animation, still images and interactive features to create an extraordinary and unforgettable product for your company.

With the technical evolution in mind, remarkable multimedia is really a prerequisite to position your brand in its niche market. The point is, if your brand wants to leave a lasting impression in the minds of consumers, incorporating multimedia in your proposals, presentations and also website will be most effective.

Ask yourself if your site is visually appealing and if customers can easily understand the multimedia. If not, rethink the design and functioning of your website as it has the potential to become your best selling point. Short multi-media and video clips are proven to attract attention and be viewed much more often than website visitors taking time to browse and read all your pages.

Why choose Ami Design for your Multimedia productions?

Our team of strategists, copywriters and animators carefully conceptualize and storyboard a highly effective multi-media production that will be nothing less than ‘mind blowing

At AMI Design design house we consider our striking, powerful and intriguing multimedia designs as the 50 shades of Grey of all books, the Nando’s of all chicken and basically the 8th world wonder.

For your website, presentations, videos … possibilities are endless!!

So let the AMI Design creative team assists you in conceptualizing and creating multimedia for your website or proposal that will immediately catch your target audience-hook, line and sinker.

Breaking the Code of the SM Matrix!

The AMI Design Social Media Team work hand in hand with all other departments and we over a full Social Media Service that either supports you with initial set-up and training to build strong relationships through authentic content, multiply the impact and reach of your message, create trust and loyalty; and manage your on-line reputation.


Many of our clients prefer us to handle their Social Media channels on their behalf to ensure that efforts result in the achievement of marketing objectives.

Without a doubt, our clients are supported to be at the forefront of this marketing opportunity.

In Social Media – no one cares if you don’t care!

Is it a waste of time?

  • It is if you don’t like or want to know what your customers are saying about you; it is a waste of time
  • If the exponential viral power of followers & fans; who are also an un-paid sales-force makes no sense, it is a waste of time

We doubt either of the above is relevant to you!

We ensure that your Social Media Strategy is tailor made and that content is impactful and effective. Social Media applied strategically will boost your profits; dramatically decrease your advertising spend and ensure your return on investment – with bottom line profits and measurable results!

In the new world of communication and the intricate web it creates; you no doubt need a partner to lead you successfully through this maize!

We will successfully plan, incorporate and manage your Social Media and Website strategies in line with your overall Business and Marketing objectives.

We do this with the effective communication and content creation techniques for key Social Media Channels, in order to gain the maximum benefit and Return on Investment from the extensive and highly effective arena we find ourselves in.

Social Media is most definitely an extremely significant role-player – but only as part of an integrated Marketing Strategy driven by authentic and back to basic core marketing objectives to be achieved with desired measurable results.

Social Media Marketing Services from AMI Design

  • Social Media Marketing plans to integrate with your overall Marketing and objectives
  • Consultative support to successfully manage your Social Media Channels for results
  • Research, selection and set-up (including design, profiles, privacy settings and start-up) of relevant Social Channels for your industry
  • Custom created support documentation with training for you to manage your platforms once set up
  • Complete management of your current Social Media Channels including messaging mix and content creation (which includes upgrades and improvements where required)
  • On-line reputation management
  • Social Media Training – The Social Media Boot camp for Marketing

Leading you through the maize:

Our team will both astound and amaze you with the world of possibilities and results when an integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy is correctly affected as part of your Marketing Toolkit.

Social Media is not a stand-alone solution; but an impactful and highly effective tool to drive brand awareness, website traffic, create exponential and viral message distribution and talk to your audience exactly where they are.

We are specialists, who either consult to or implement for you:

  • Full analyses of all key factors in order to custom create a Social Media Plan that works! (on-line behavior of your target audience, industry best practices and more)
  • Clear definition of your objectives to select and mobilize the right Social Media channels
  • Targeted content & message creation and deployment
  • Social Media & Website content integration
  • Measurement and statistics
  • Ongoing advice for effective internal use including policies & procedures