Skilled Migration Assessment

Our Success Lies in our Students and Clients Happiness

We are Global, that’s why we have clients all over the world, and an evidence to that can be seen from the below Visas Grant, Admission Letters, Scholarship Awards, ITAs and SkilleSelect Confirmations. With our 18 offices, 82 Global agents, and a dedicated team of 70, we experience accomplishments daily! We are proud of the services and supports we provide to our clients, and, with a near 100% success rate, our clients have been very generous in sharing their Visas, Admission Letters, Scholarship Awards, ITA’s, or SkilleSelect Confirmation with us, to share on our website. IMPORTANT: Being compliant to the POPI Act of South Africa, GDPR of the United Kingdom, Privacy Act of Canada and Australia, sensitive information of our clients have been hidden, unless otherwise authorized by them!