Welcome to Ami Design

AMI Design is a leading website designing company fuelled with the motto of developing a ‘Website For Everyone’. Envisioning itself as a leader in this industry, AMI Design is growing significantly to create a monopoly in the market. From South Africa to Liberia, AMI Design has developed a brand name in most geographical locations globally with special emphasis on Africa, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Europe.


We love entrepreneurs. Working with entrepreneurs is challenging as well as rewarding and Promatics has been providing robust cloud-compatible Web apps for the start up guys since long


Promatics believe startups are the nursery to innovation. We work with all size of startups to build on demand products cost-efficiently and delivered in time.


The world is taking everything online. Our enterprise framework experts will understand your business objectives and deliver solutions nothing short of perfect.



Our Expertise

Your dream house is located on a quiet beach where the waves practically break on your doorstep.


Creativity runs in our team and goes hand in hand with passion that truly defines our company.


We offer innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to help your business grow.

Customer Experience

We design and optimize every touchpoint based on your customers’ comfort and delight.

Quality Services

We focus on quality deliverables on every project.

Our knowledge

Working with customers from the same fields.